Shaping the future by creating a next-level video analysis

iVCV is an Estonia-based company founded in 2019.

We use audio-visual characteristics and expression, natural language processing, and human behaviour analysis to make an elaborated analysis of the candidate.


We extract emotional state, personality traits, and sentimental score, in context skills all by using elaborated deep learning algorithms.




We work with respect to people and use ethical AI technologies. Our product helps in the HR process and does not make a hiring decision itself.

Security & Privacy

We know the value of information. We prioritise data security and privacy of the customers above everything.

Continuous Improvement

We are always learning and improving our product to deliver high-quality solutions to our customers.


We encourage innovation and use the latest technologies in product development. 

Customer Commitment

Customers are our main focus, we care about our customers and develop our business aiming to satisfy all customer needs.


+372 5676 5562

Purpuri 12A, Tartu, 51011, Estonia

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