Automated skills extraction


iVCV AI algorithm automatically extracts skills from the candidate's video. Now there is no need to go through CV, just check the results to find a perfect candidate for your position

First impression and emotion analysis

iVCV tool pays attention to what the candidate says, how the candidate acts and talks in order to create a profile. We analyze the facial micro-expressions and vocal changes to understand the instant and average emotions of the candidate.

Sentiment score

Our algorithm calculates the sentiment score by analyzing the objectivity of the speech by examining the words used.

Fast and efficient recruitment

With iVCV solution, you just need to check simple graphical results of the candidate's analysis without spending time and resources for first candidates' validation.

Customized questions

You have an option to ask candidates any additional questions. Answers can be written as a text or video recorded.

Multilingual support

We provide multilingual support to our solution. iVCV algorithm can analyze videos recorded in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Estonian, and Turkish.

Latest AI technologies

We use the latest artificial intelligence technologies to provide detailed and precise analysis.