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iVCV provides services in accordance with GDPR. To use our services you will need to accept Terms and Conditions that you can find below

Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions set forth the main terms and conditions applying to and governing the usage of the iVCV Platform. To use iVCV Platform, you must agree with the terms and conditions that are set forth below.


1. Definitions

1.1. iVCV – iVCV OÜ is a private limited company incorporated and registered under the laws of the Republic of Estonia with registration code 14759013, registered office Purpuri 12A, Tartu, 51011, Republic of Estonia.

1.2. iVCV Platform – AI-based technology that provides video CV and personality analysis using audio-visual, textual and other information provided by Users.

1.3 Candidate – a person using the iVCV Platform to apply for a suitable job position.

1.4 Company – the organization using the iVCV Platform to analyze a CV, personality and application of a Candidate for a required job position. This organization has to be registered in the iVCV Platform and has to have a user account.

1.5 Users – a Company and a Candidate are commonly known as Users.

1.6. Terms and Conditions or Agreement – this agreement between Users and iVCV regarding the use of iVCV Platform.

1.7 Service – CV, personality and application analysis performed by iVCV OÜ algorithm with a purpose to analyse Candidate’s job application.

1.8 Access Information– the username and password provided by iVCV to the Company when registering as a User or later changed by the Company in the Database.

1.9 Database – the iVCV database that includes data collected from Candidate and Company in the course of providing the Service that is transferred to and stored in the data center of Amazon Web Services, Inc.

1.10 Data - any data relating to the Users entered in the Database.

2. Using the iVCV Platform

2.1 iVCV Platform provides AI-based video CV, personality and application analysis using the data provided by a Candidate.

2.2 Candidate is responsible for the correctness and/or quality of data provided for iVCV analysis.

2.3 iVCV is not responsible for any choice and/or decision made by a Company using results from iVCV analysis.

2.4. A Company holds full responsibility for making any hiring decision using iVCV Platform.

2.5 iVCV AI-based technology is designed as an HR assistance tool and only provides analysis using the Data (visual, textual and audio) provided by a Candidate.

2.6 iVCV AI technology does not make any hiring decisions.

2.7 Minors are required to have the consent of a parent or guardian before using the iVCV Platform.

2.8 The Users shall be liable for the damage caused to iVCV by violating this Agreement.

2.9 iVCV is not liable for the accuracy or content of the data entered to the iVCV Platform or any damage caused to the Users as a result of using the data from the iVCV Platform.

2.10 The Company has to maintain the confidentiality of the Access Information and not disclose them to anyone. The Company is fully responsible for using Access Information.

2.11 iVCV does not guarantee that the Candidate finds a job via using iVCV Platform and does not communicate with persons in need of employees for this purpose.

2.12 iVCV shall be entitled to transfer the Database, including the User Data contained therein, to a server located in a foreign state. In such a case, iVCV shall still remain the controller of the data.

2.13 iVCV is entitled to unilaterally terminate the provision of Service without providing advance notice and without refunding the Company the fee paid for the Service if the Company has violated this Agreement.

3. Privacy

3.1 By accepting these Terms and Conditions Users allow iVCV to store and process their data.

3.2 Candidate's Data will be shared with the Company to which position Candidate is applying.

3.3 Candidate may be required to provide certain personal and/or other information (including but not limited with full name and email address) requested by a Company to use iVCV Platform.

3.4 Candidate’s information may be shared with a competent law enforcement body and/or official authorities by official request (i.e. police official request of the information).

3.5 iVCV is not responsible for the way Company uses the Data provided by iVCV.

3.6 All the Data provided by a Candidate will be deleted from iVCV servers and storage 1 year after the data provision.

3.7 Within 1 year after providing the Data a Candidate can request to get the Candidate’s data or ask to delete it.

3.8 A Candidate can request to get the Candidate’s data or ask to delete it by contacting iVCV via email info@ivcv.eu.

3.9 Personal data is processed to provide the Service. iVCV collects and processes the personal data submitted by the Users in the course of using iVCV Platform. The prerequisite for the use of iVCV Platform is the Users agreeing to the processing of their Data.

3.10 iVCV collects and processes Personal Data to connect Candidates with Companies during the application process.

3.11 Based on the consent, iVCV transmits to the respective Company following Data that Candidate has decided to transmit to the employer through the iVCV Platform: e-mail address, first name and surname, data included in the application, data included in the video record.

3.12 If a Candidate does not submit the Data referred to in clause 3.11, it shall not be possible for Candidate to apply for a respective job position using iVCV Platform.

3.13 By accepting this Agreement a Candidate agrees to process their audio-visual data.

3.14 In the case if the Company shares the analysis results with a third party (e.g. if the Company is a recruitment agency), the Company holds full responsibility for the Data privacy.

3.15 A Company holds full responsibility for using the analysis results and has to ensure the privacy of the Candidate’s data.


4. Final Provisions

The Terms and Conditions will be governed by and enforced by the laws of the Republic of Estonia. If the respective dispute resulting from Terms and Conditions could not be settled by the negotiations, then the dispute will be finally solved in Tartu County Court in Tartu, Estonia.

Date of entry into force of the Terms and Conditions: 06.04.2020.