Frequently asked questions

Which browser can I use?

You can run iVCV application in the following browsers: 1. Google Chrome 2. Mozilla Firefox 3. Opera

Can I upload a video instead of recording it online?

Yes, you can upload videos directly from your device by clicking the “Upload Video” button.

Video recording is not available in my browser

Please kindly try to record the video using the following browsers: 1. Google Chrome: 2. Mozilla Firefox 3. Opera

I cannot record the video as the application gives me an error

If you receive the error from the application please check the following: 1. You are using one of the supported browsers 2. Your browser allows the iVCV app to use the camera and microphone. To check this please do the following (Google Chrome and Opera broswers): a) Go to your “Browser Settings” b) Click on “Privacy and Security” c) Click on “Site Settings” d) Click on “Camera” e) Choose “Allow” for (see the screenshots below) Google Chrome: Opera: 2.1 For Mozilla Firefox please follow these instructions: a) Go to the “Settings” b) Click on “Privacy & Security” c) Choose “Permissions” d) Choose “Camera” e) Click on “Settings” f) Allow camera usage for (see screenshot below) 3. Your device allows using the camera for your browser. To check this, please do the following: a) Go to the settings of your device. b) Go to “Privacy” c) Choose “Camera” d) Allow your apps to access the camera (see the screenshot below)

Is my data secured?

We value the privacy and security of your data. You can learn about our privacy policy here: Privacy

What should I tell in the video?

We suggest telling about your skills and experience related to the job you are applying to. Sometimes companies may ask you to provide specific information which you will find in the instructions on the recording page.

How many times can I record the video?

You can retry recording as many times as you want. You will be asked before finalizing the record. All the recordings you do not like will be deleted.

How can I contact you?

In case of any problems you can send us a message on our Facebook page or contact us at

+372 5676 5562

Purpuri 12A, Tartu, 51011, Estonia

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