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Accelerate Your Hiring Process

iVCV is an advanced xAI tool that provides a detailed CV and first impression analysis based on short videos.
Just check the simple graphical results and find a suitable candidate for your position.
Recruitment Process with iVCV
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Recruitment in 3 Steps

Step 1Candidate Records a VideoA candidate needs to record a short video CV talking about their skills and experiences. The video should be a minimum of 20 seconds and be as long as you need it to be.
Step 2Automated iVCV AnalysisAfter the application is submitted, it will be automatically evaluated by the iVCV explainable AI algorithm. It usually takes just a couple of minutes to process the application.
Step 3Recruiter Checks the ResultsJust check the simple, graphical results and decide on what further steps to take.
Diversity in hiring
Data driven recruitment
Unbiased and Data-Driven Recruitment iVCV's explainable AI is trained in an unbiased way to ensure an equal evaluation of the candidates' applications. The iVCV algorithm does not make a hiring decision in place of recruiters; rather, it provides recruiters with detailed and unbiased information to make a data-driven decision.
Automated infographics
Automated Skills ExtractioniVCV automatically extracts skills candidates mention in their videos and conveniently presents them.
Results of an application
Graphic ResultsiVCV's tool pays attention to what each candidate says and how they act and talk to create an explainable and understandable profile.
Saving time on recruitment
Instant AnalysisIt takes only a couple of minutes to evaluate the application. You can evaluate as many applications as you want at the same time.
Efficiently finding the targets
Efficient ValidationThe first steps of the hiring process can be done just in several minutes. Include video interviews, additional questions, and psychological evaluation in the application form and get an efficient analysis of the full candidate's profile.

"Applying for a job with iVCV is as
easy as posting stories on Instagram"

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Responsibly Made in Estonia

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